How to save wallpaper to your computer

Windows - Click on size link then right click on photo and choose "save picture as".

Mac- Click on size link then control click and select "save this image as" to your mac.

When applying 3200x1200 dual monitor wallpaper set your desktop resolution to tile. Dual monitor wallpaer must be supported by your video card.

If your video card does not support different wallpapers on each monitor check out this free software application DisplayFusion from Binary Fortress. Also runs on a 64-bit OS. Another program is Ultramon.

Twitter Designs page note- I realize that some have trouble uploading custom backgrounds on twitter. Apparently the people at twitter are working to resolve this issue. I have had problems too however after uploading my image it takes up to hours and even a few days for it to show up. But all my design are within the MB limit and they do work. Hopefully they will figure this out so the background update will be immediate.

Illustrator Brushes note- Once your file has downloaded, you may need to install it. 1. Open a document 2. Select Windows > Brush Libraries > Other library. 3. Navigate to the brush library on your hard drive, select it, and click Open. 4. The brush library will now appear as a new palette on your desktop 5. Consult the manual, or attached documentation (if available), for more information on loading and using brush libraries.


Using Brushes for Commercial Use

If you would like to use my brushes for commercial use it is on donation basis right now. Please click on the donate button on top of my site pages and make the following donations for commercial use. I will get an e-mail once you donate. Once you make the donation you are free to use them commercially.

Commercial Prices for Brushes

1 Brush pack- $ 6.00USD
10 Brush packs- $25.00USD (2.50ea)
25 Brush packs- $50.00USD (2.00ea)
50 Brush packs- $75.00USD (1.50ea)


End User License Agreement for Starwalt Design Brushes and Artwork

If you have any questions about our EULA, please contact us prior to purchase. We do not issue refunds as stated below so
please ask any questions you have first.

Please note that you are responsible for seeking your own help with using brushes in programs.

My brushes and artwork are free for personal use only.
You must purchase a license for my brushes that you want to use for ANY other commercial purpose.

Copyright is NOT transferred upon licensing of a brush, pattern or artwork.
When you pay, you are paying to use the image, brush or pattern not to own the image.

Content may not be distributed to other users via web templates. Each template user would need their own license.

You may not use any image found on this site for any illegal or fraudulent purpose.

If you have purchased content for commercial use you may use content in print, digital applications and web
but can not redistribute Starwalt Design content to others for commerical use.

Brushes & artwork are non-exclusive, which means that others may also download and use the same content for competitive or other purposes.

Distribution of the image(s) or brushes must be as an end product. You may not distribute the image(s) or brushes on a network, CD, website,
or any other means, for free or for charge.

We reserve the right to change, update, or void the complete, or any part of the EULA agreement.