Art by Gina was created in Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator and some elements are from traditional mediums like watercolors, ink & pencil sketches.
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My Epiphany
War and Peace
Rock and Earth
Rainbow Glacier coral storm
ocean mist Night Lights
Rock Formations Out of Control
Sage and Ivory
composition with wood Abstract 11
Lavender tree
Strange Echo The Other Side of Despair
Chaos in Grunge Lost
Natural Center Composition No. 19 by Gina
Bath You in the Light Stormy Sky
Appalachian Trail Lemon Tree by Gina Startup
Art by Gina Startup
Art by Gina Startup Midnight Song by Gina Startup
Metaphorical Notion by Gina Startup Door of Perception by Gina Startup
Peach No. 9 Collage by Gina Startup
False Axiom by Gina Startup Autumn Past by Gina Startup
Indestructible Color
Folding Paper